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Thread: you know a franchise is desperate and pathetic, when they are acting like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyFoxx View Post
    Who is celebrating like we won the Superbowl? The boys won a hard fought first game of the season against a division rival. That's it. Does it feel good? Of course it does. Are G-men fans smarting? Of course they are. That's just the nature of being a fan.

    I see threw all your false bravo. Just because your not acting like it doesn't mean other members of your fanbase are.

    As a Giants fan, I can tell you unequalalivocally that becuase were so much more smarter then any dumbly Cowboys fans weed never act like that after beeting a division rival.

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    romo is a good QB .he just has a problem in big games. like last years last game and in the playoffs (when they get there).HE CHOKES!!

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    Much bigger win for Dallas than it was a loss for the Giants.After spanking them twice last season and then having to watch the Giants
    go on to win the SB this was as close to a must win as any season opener could be.They really needed to prove to themselves they could
    hang with the G-Men.Especially on the road

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    who cares??...1 win doesn't win a SB....

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