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Thread: True Story

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    True Story

    The last 2 times the Giants lost the season opener, they went on to win the Super Bowl... And the idiots were talking about how the Superbowl and even the playoffs were impossible from week 1 last year too. People said "we should just quit playing" and it was the first game.

    Come on guys, with Coughlin you know you get one of 2 things. A strong start with a slow finish or a slow start with a strong finish... which would you rather have this year? We're a bit banged up. This team will find its rhythm soon.

    That being said, I am all for the first 3 draft picks next year being used for the OL.

    We have 10 days to get healthy now and get our guys a little more conditioned. Hammies and cramps all show lack of conditioning.
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