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    Replacement Refs cost Giants at least 4 points possibly game:

    This is just another slant. I have fumed about a lot since last night but had we actually had real refs would our receivers had more separation and would we have gotten more sacks had real refs called holding penalties. Have not heard a lot of talk on this. It felt like we underplayed our abilities but the margin of error was 7 pts and I think if real refs were used it would have been much closer even with our list of injuries and issues.

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    nah....rerfs didnt cost the game at all....
    besides bad calls happen every single game to every single team....
    The Giants played lack luster on both sides of the ball.....period.

    Question......Were the refs throwing blocks for Ogletree because he was open all night long......
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    The game that I saw, the Cowboys won fair and square. They outplayed the Giants and won besides incurring something like 13 penalties to the Giants 4 or 5.

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    Yeah the refs jerked us on the Cruz hold...**** they jerked us on the Cruz block to the back, but they didn't cost us the game! Cruz's multiple drops, the o-line playing like dog****, our CB's not being able to cover the slant or hold them to a FG on 3rd and 30 did that!

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    Well, I was thinking if we had 2 or 3 more sacks?

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    Giants 4 for 33 yards

    Cowboys 13 for 86 yards.

    and that's the thread folks

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    I've seen the standard refs miss the same exact call. Just a blown call.

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    I'm sure they missed some calls for the Cowboys too, but that's just the way it is. If the line got any type of push for Bradshaw this wouldn't even be a topic. Control what you can control.

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    Yes, the no PI call in the end zone is always a game changer, anybody who thinks being up 10-7 instead of being down 7-3 would not change the complexion of the second half is totally doing heavy drugs.

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    Some calls just are not going to be made, I think it's a shame to have these bush-league refs.

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