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Hey romohater, the other day you came to our forum to talk trash and although you were attacked by a couple members of our forums I treated you with proper respect and attempted to elicit real football conversations. I asked you if the Cowboys won would you come back and eat crow properly and you said yes. I know you were banned from the site for whatever reason but I'm here to collect. I love talking football with anyone, I hate the Giants will all my guts but I respect the Giants for how good they are, Eli is a very good quarterback, he might not be a lot of the things but what he is, is clutch and that is just as important as anything. Anyways, I'd love to get into some football talk with any Giants fans, it's only 1 game and I'm sure the Giants will do just fine this season, lets talk some football. Going to work in about an hour so sorry if I stop replying til later.
I was banned within 15 minutes on that POS board! see you in september.