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    Giants vs, Cowboys game review: David WIlson and crying in football


    Excerpt: "
    There was moisture under David Wilsonís left eyeball on Wednesday night after the rookie fumbled. That much I can confirm.
    Whether it was sweat or a tear, I have no idea. But this much Iíll tell you: If the Giantsí rookie was crying, Iím plenty okay with that.
    With lots of hot topics coming out of the Giantsí season-opening loss to the Dallas Cowboys -- from the questionable officiating, to the issues on offense for the Giants and so forth -- Wilsonís moment on the sideline was the most intriguing one to me because of the split in opinions on the matter." Read more...
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    good read....
    I dont care if he cried either as long as he gets better and becomes a successful part of the Giants future running game...
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    I for one hope he wasn't crying.

    If he was it is a clear sign that the guy is putting too much pressure on himself. It's a quick way to full into the quicksand and have his gameplay quickly spiral downwards. I really hope the Giants have a sport psychologist in talking to the young players like David Wilson to help him deal with all the pressure.

    Guy wants to play and wants to play well which is great. Just needs to forget the mistake, listen to his coaches about ball security and get out there and play.

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    I hope he was crying...it shows he actually cares.

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    Thanks for sharing. That UTube vid is inspiring...the Giants can always use another on-field and locker room leader! The kid sounds like Jacobs! I'm REALLY high on this kid and believe he could be the future of this franchise. I'm also really excited because I know he will get the best coaching in the NFL!

    Go Gmen!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    good read....
    I dont care if he cried either as long as he gets better and becomes a successful part of the Giants future running game...
    You know, as humid as it was, and there I was with my scarf around my neck, it's just possible it was sweat. BUT, if it were tears, what's the problem. Is this the "real men don't cry" BS bubbling top the surface? We all handle stress in our own way. Here's this kid on national TV, his first NFL start and he violates his own rule, let alone his head coach's rule.

    He is going to survive this and will be an asset for the New York Football Giants.

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    i hope he was crying as well.

    1) he must care

    2) wonder if he'll want to prove him self next time he gets ticks

    hell, in retrospect, the damn O Line should have been blustering, sobbing fools...

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    Look at it from his point of view. This kid (Yes, 20 is still a kid for a majority of people depending on maturity) is used to being the single hero that saves the day with his athleticism and running all over the defense for a full 60 minutes. Now he gets to the NFL and fumbles early on in the game. In VT, they would of never fathomed sitting him but we all know that Coughlin isn't like that with Wilson. It was a wake up call for the kid and probably hurt for him to watch majority of the game on the sideline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboysSuck View Post
    I hope he was crying...it shows he actually cares.
    Crying in football is a sign of weakness IMO. They will never let it down if he was crying. Everytime he touches the ball and gets tackled, players will heckle him like no tomorrow. It could crack him if he is emotionally soft. Vernon Davis cried tears of joy. Wilson dried tears of shame. Huge difference.

    I never cried in any sport, even after a crushing loss. Doesnt mean I didnt care. I got angry, but didnt physically cry.
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