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    Game highlights aren't always about plays made on the field

    Following the pre-game warmups, as both teams were exiting the field, the field was being set up for the opening ceremony. Portable stages were being set up, the color guard was getting in place and, as we've seen at many games, members of the armed forces who would be unfurling an American Flag in the shape of the USA were coming down the visitor's sideline in single file. There were members of all of our military branches and as I scanned down that sideline, with all of the players now our of sight, there was Antrel Rolle shaking hands and higging everyone of those service members. He wasn't walking in the opposite direction he was standing still, putting his hand out and hugging them.

    As a veteran, I thought what a thrill that must have been for these men and women who were just there as ordered to receive that kind of individual attention from a player.

    Well done, Antrel Rolle!!
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    Great story about Antrel

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