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    Our game MVP vs Dallas

    i'm going to start doing this on a regular basis if it works out, anyway back to the topic at hand i think our MVP was Bennett he played very well except for the one drop. He caught a touchdown and had a good block on ware. I mean the one drop was a kinda tough grab. That's my opinion let me hear yours and remember its your opinion so say whatever you think.

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    I think Eli, he was hurt by dropped passes & poor protection.

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    Eli hands down, Bennett close second.

    Eli completed 65.6 % of his passes for a 94.9 passer rating with 5 or 6 drops.

    Not to mention an atrocious O-line, zero run game, penalties... sigh
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    yeah. he got no help outside of bennett. everyone, d included, looked gassed and flat

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    hixon did pretty well too.

    honestly can't give an MVP for this game. just wasn't a great game all around, from the coaching on down.

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    i'm going to guess this was a failure so i'm only going to try one more time after Tampa and if that fails then i don't care.

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    I'd say Keith Rivers.. he was the biggest piece in shutting down DeMarco Murray in the first half

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    David Diehl and Corey Webster had to be Dallas MVP.

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    Eli hands down, Bennett close second.
    umm, did you guys not see how JPP played?

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    They lost. No one gets an MVP.

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