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    Chad Jones Inspirational Video *WARNING GRAPHIC PICS OF HIS INJURED LEG*

    Here is a video I found of Chad Jones and his rehab... I warn you guys that they show graphic pics of his leg... I honestly dont know how they saved it...

    MODS - If this is too graphic... please just remove it... Im not trying to break the rules or offend anyone!!!


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    great vid. thank you.
    I hope this kid makes it back. At least as an ST player or something....
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    We really need to bring this kid back. this is what our team should be built on! Never quitting! I am willing to bet he could have covered a slat.

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    At the very least he can get back into baseball... he doesnt have to be near the gifted athlete he was to do that!!!

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    That's the definition of a warrior.

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    A True Warrior Spirit...

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    WOW I knew his injury was really bad but that's the first time I've seen the pics, that is horrific. I hope we bring him back in for a workout next year. I was so excited when we drafted him he was such a great athlete coming out of LSU and damn could bring the pain from the safety position. Dreadlocks of Doom!!

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    That was great, and that was a horrible injury to his leg, can't believe he's able to walk let alone run now

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    Wow. It honestly looks like a shark attacked his leg.

    What a tough kid with all the talent in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantz4Life View Post
    Wow. It honestly looks like a shark attacked his leg.
    It looks worse than that... he looked so fluid while running drills... like I said football may not work for him... he still has baseball

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