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    So which one did you miss the most ? I didn't include Canty because he will be back. I missed Tollefson's non-stop motor . Tolley would go in and play DT just to give Bernard a break and it seemed like the Giants were tired and without Canty I didn't see any rotation on the DL.
    I also missed Grant's leadership out there as he played with a swagger that other players fed off of. Can Grant come back and take Rolle's spot and have Rolle play corner ? Remember when Grant dropped last season to get the injury time out which gave the team a break and the D held.
    I didn't miss Jacobs as I think he is nearing the end BUT I would like to see Hynoski get some carries. That would of been a perfect spot after the Boley Interception to give it to the Fullback straight-ahead BUT that would also of meant SPREAD THE FIELD with receivers, motion etc.... and not what they ran.

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    I always loved Jacobs, he was, in a sense, the Heart and Soul of our offensive when it came to talking **** and getting pumped up.

    Grant..eh, he was ok, dont miss him too much.

    Tolly, loved his effort, but was never more then an average DE.

    **** it, I miss them all because we were winning with them.

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    I miss the big guy Jacobs I love the fire that he lights in the offense which was sorely missed last night I'm waiting for tuck to take on that roll. I think Wilson will be the one who will be that spark when he starts breaking runs for big gains.

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    too soon to tell who they will really miss....
    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
    You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch

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    I miss Jacobs' presence, but not his play.

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    Jacobs will most likely have a resurgent year this year with an actual offensive line working with him... He's definitely the one I'll miss the most, not for his running, but because he was basically our "enforcer"... now teams will be less reluctant to try and push us around. You can bet that if Jacobs were around, he'd start holding all day too once he saw dallas doing it.

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