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    The other night I was reading a lot of your posts and I kept hear get rid of Rolle.. Hes over paid.... What game were most of you watching. The guy lead us in solo tackles for Christ sake. Hes playing out of position for the team. Also for people complaining about a Dline. If you can hit a open WR in less then 3 secs your Dline is nothing. If your CBs can't buy the time its fail.

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    the slants killed the D and a pass rush wont help with slants....not usually anyway. Rolle will now be able to stay at safety. Hopefully that will allow him to do what he was supposed to be doing for the Giants when they got him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giants9188 View Post
    the things that blows my mind and really pisses me off...is on that final 3rd and 12...why are the corners giving a cushion..they already proved they sucked all night so they should have been up on the line jamming giving our dline some type of chance to get to romo...i just dont understand that call one bit
    Rolle was the only guy in the building who didn't know they were going after Tryon on that final 3rd and 10. If he lined up closer to the first down line he could have tackled Ogletree short of the first down, but he didn't because he is stupid.

    And did you see how bad an angle he took on the 1st and 30 TD pass to Ogletree? Rolle is an awful pass defender, and he was not playing out of position like he was last year. Hosley played slot/nickel all night.

    Rolle did make some nice tackles but with his salary cap killing contract you need better pass coverage than Rolle can provide. Way overpaid and overrated.
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    The Dline didn't have anything to do with it. Rolle didn't have anything to do with it. It had to do with our corners getting worked like slaves all night. What did Corey Webster smoke before the game?

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    CWeb had a bad game but I'm not worried about him. He can pass defend. Rolle cannot.

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    Remember these guys are human and make mistakes.let me guess you guys have never made a mistake at work?

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    Yeah let's just keep singling out Rolle EVERY time we lose I swear. As far as I am concearned he coulda had 0 or 100 tackles, we still lost. Who cares who played the best or worst in a loss or for that matter a win. This isn't Tennis or Golf.

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    Its funny that every1 says that Rolle is playing out of position....If Rolle was our deep safety, we would of ran him out of New York faster than CC Brown. Rolle only racking up so many tackles because we have sooo many situational linebackers...He's the only player in the box who plays many snaps consistantly.

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    Lets not forget that huge 4th and short stop by Rolle. Its funny how much we forget when we lose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egyptian420 View Post
    Lets not forget that huge 4th and short stop by Rolle. Its funny how much we forget when we lose.
    He was unblocked...and barely caught the running backs legs, a professional NFL player needs to make plays like that if they are unblocked.

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