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Thread: America's Game

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    America's Game

    NFLN is re-showing the 2011 NYG America's game tonight at 10 in case you missed like me. Haha. Looking forward to it.

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    Thanks For The Reminder!

    Im going to check this out again.
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    I will set to record it. Hopefully it is better than the blu ray recap of the season.

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    It wasn't that great but amazing memories that will last a lifetime regardleaa

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    I just watched it off DVR. Nothing I hadn't seen before but still enjoyable. As a Giants fan I love watching this sort of thing but as a football fan, would I watch it if it was about any other team? Doubtful. And if it were about any team I really hate, NFW. NFL films makes these things for "the faithful".

    Eli actually says some interesting things, for a change. He is the most uninteresting interviewee in all of sports. Usually, he's just a litany of the same cliches. But this show has a little more. Not a lot more but a little more.

    I don't know who at NFL Films came up with this style of filling the camera frame with the head of the interviewee but I don't like it. The camera is right in the mug of Tuck and Cruz. For Eli and Coughlin, they're set back a little but the style is unflattering. NFL Films has some very talented people and they put together some great videos but this doesn't work well.
    Will somebody please wake up the sleeping Giants.

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