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    We win the Cowboys game if Correy Webster played better

    Obviously we have issues with injuries at our secondary position, and even our safties (yes, that includes Phillips) did not play particularly well either. However, Webster is considered by many on here including myself as a potential top 10 CB in the league. With the exception of Tryon at the end of the game, Webster was our worse CB out there, giving up two huge plays. The Bryant one, I can accept because he got beaten off the line trying to press, but the double move by Ogletree while he was looking at Romo was terrible. It was something I didn't exptect out of Webster to be burnt like that.

    Webster HAS to get better for our D to show any sign of life. We cannot ONLY rely on the pass rush, and right now that isn't working either.

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    That game is over . . . let it go.

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    Obviously we win if we scored more points then the Cowboys, but we did not because most of our star players were mediocre.

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    Yes, CWeb looked like the player of pre 2007 playoffs week 1. I don't expect him to play like that all year. With that said, you can not say we would of won if he played better. Maybe we would of won if Cruz catches all those passes or if Tuck makes that tackle on Murry or if Eli hits Hixon for the TD or if Gilbride calls better goalline plays..... Thats why we lost. Its a team game, and the team played like it was the first week of the season after a crazy offseason...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMENAGAIN View Post
    That game is over . . . let it go.
    Ok, I'll rephrase. Correy Webster was the most disappointing player on the field on Wedneday, and he is the reason IMO we didn't win the game. While the whole team was a major disappointment, his performance was worse IMO. Even with all the injuries, if he played better we win.

    Now, onto next week, if he doesn't fix himself up quickly, I fear much more of the same even if our pass rush improves.

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    We also win if Tuck and Osi decided to show up. Or maybe if Diehl could hold a block. If Cruz could catch a pass.

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    Webster Will play better. He's allowed a couple bad games a year. So is everyone else. It just seems like the entire team decided to have a bad game on the same night. Oh well, on to the next one!

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    They were just a victims of their own hype and were still suffering a Super Bowl hangover. Now that it has all been cleared up they are back at work with a thing called humility to assist them. If I was Coughlin, I would play a sound bite of Jerry Jones message about beating the Giant's asses before every practice. I would also show a clip from the movie 'Bridge over the River Kwai' where[SPOILER]

    the bridge gets blown up.

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    The offense played worse in my opinion, 3 points in the 1st half and 17 points total is just not enough.

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    If the 4th quarter is over and you have more points than the other team, then BOOM you win the game...

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