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    Osi, Tuck, and JPP sees what went wrong with pass rush


    Dallas had a good game plan and executed. Giants should of made adjustments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breezely View Post

    Dallas had a good game plan and executed. Giants should of made adjustments.
    Thanks for the post. Hope they can make the adjustments sooner than later. Wonder what they have in mind.

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    uh tuck, how bout instead of "30 yd pass or 30 yd run" u just sack him?

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    Lmao they had to look at the game tapes to figure out that Tony Romo was running from them? what did they expect him to do?!!!!!

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    They better figure it out quick because Vick and RG3 is gonna be doing the same ish.

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    Rushing 4 men all of the time is not good and you guys should know that. We didn't get help from our cbs and what happened to our offense? I don't want to get on Coughlin or KG but why are we not trying to score a lot of points? F that time of possesion mess. It does not help you win games unless you are ahead by a lot of points. Just concentrate on scoring points after points and stop worrying about time of possesion. It hardly works when defenses are made to stop that mess.

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    What I saw was JPP taking a very hard inside move and breaking containment far more often than he should have. Fewell and Nunn should have put a stop to that early. All of the talent in the world won't make up for undisciplined play.

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    Think that they needed to make those observations by half time and make changes for the second half; the last drive of the second half was mirrored by the first drive of the first half. Well, you know the saying fool me once... Let's not see this same issue the next time we face a mobile QB.

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    we all have the answers right?. I guess the coaches and the players just went in and didnt make any changes. I guess Dallas didnt make changess the Giants changed their looks. I love it when the team has a loss and all armchair OCs and Dcs come out.
    They had a bad game....so what it. it happens. There is no big mystery. The Giants got beat. Deal with it.
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    The Giants have always been TERRIBLE at making in game adjustments

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