I am a giants fan. I don't like tony romo, and prefer Eli over him at the quarterback position. I constantly get irritated when media-let's and average fans say they'd rather have romo over Eli, mostly because they reference his numbers that he managed to accumulate in a pass happy offense over the first couple years of his career.

However, I was thinking about it the other day, and I can understand choosing romo over Eli from a business perspective. As much a I don't want to admit it, tony is a solid, serviceable quarterback. Combine that with the fact that he makes 8-9 million a year (60 million overall on his contract), and I think you have the opportunity to build a really solid team.

Yes, he has an occasional melt down and case of the butterflies in fourth quarters. The guy has progressively gotten better over the course of his career, and is a tremendous leader for that franchise. He doesn't let the media get to him either. You're not going to find the intangibles he possesses and abilities in any quarterback making 60 million right now. How doesn't this Dallas team win every year with the amount of cash they're saving on him?

And I do love Eli. Better win another super bowl to live up to that contract though.