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Ideally it would be nice to establish a running game of course, but if it doesn't work the first TWO series, I want to see the offense abandon the run game and just chuck it with Eli.

Anything inside 10 yard line, PASS on every down, I don't want to see god damn Bradshaw sneak one in running to the corner pylon only to lose 2 yards.

No more 1st and 2nd down running plays, I'm fed up with watching it never work.

But in reality I'm sure Gilbride will call more run plays to "surprise" the Bucs D, oh that would be hilarious, not. It'll probably end up like 6 points in the first half and losing to the Bucs 17 - Giants 12 on another failed late come-back attempt.
so you want to see them abandon the run after two series if unseccessful......good call. You should put your resume' in for OC....