Bucs new rookie safety Mark Barron has been compared to Ronnie Lott after week 1. I know every time the Bucs played against Ronnie Lott back in the day, I was worried about Lott wreaking havoc. I'm curious if you Giants fans are impressed or intimidated by Barron? If so, do you think the WR's for the Giants may have alligator arms this week so the Giants will stick with the run? Even in the run game, Barron may be a threat to knock someone out. So even the RB's have to be concerned. How do you think the Giants will account for Barron's hammering hits and powerful presence?

From Pro Football Weekly:

Rookie FS Mark Barron looked like a young Ronnie Lott leveling the game’s strongest pound-for-pound receiver, Steve Smith, on the sideline with a hammering blow. More impressive, after being utilized most extensively in the box at Alabama as a senior, was the way Barron was able to range deep from the box and break up a pass over the top intended for speedster Louis Murphy on third down with a 13-7 lead in jeopardy.