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    Man this team and hamstrings are like two peas in a pod... I'm telling you...

    It's borderline absurd how many occur each season.. now these are huge over sized men so maybe it shouldn't be so surprising yet it always is.

    Every one of our players and coaches should become full time-yearly yoga fanatics.

    Ojomo now has a hammy. With hamstrings it's never a slow process and usually linger... look at Dallas. Miles Austin has a hammy every single season lol

    Still so pissed about Terrell Thomas... took a gamble and now we're paying the price
    ALL IN!!!!!!!!

    I'm ALL IN are you?

    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    It is rediculous. They should hand out a pair of crutches along with the jersey and cap to all our draft selections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYG4lifeNYK View Post

    Still so pissed about Terrell Thomas... took a gamble and now we're paying the price
    The T2 contract was back loaded ... he only cost us a $1 mil. Pretty smart signing actually considering the upside.

    Unfortunately football is a brutal sport, and the demands athletically increase every year. I'd love to see the NFL expand the rosters.

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    Is there room in that pea pod for ACLs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mercury View Post
    We need a tight end,
    repeat, again and again
    ToadofSteel's mantra.

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    I know that hamstring injuries are part of the game but I have never seen a team have near as many as the NYG its almost like a damn virus on this team

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