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    Where is steve smith and kevin boss now? Eli made them.

    I hate to bring up the Eli elite thing because in my opinion its beginning to get rather annoying. Anytime Eli throws a pass or steps into a game someone is bringing up the fact he is no longer Peytons little brother and that he is now in the class of his own. I think its time everyone gives it a rest and just lets him play his game. However, I have no choice but to bring this up even though it pains me to sound so cliche.

    Steve smith was a very average receiver that Eli made look good. He wasn't quick, or fast. he didn't really have the best hands to be honest. He was just a good route runner. Now that he doesn't have a Good Qb throwing him the ball look at his production. Cruz > Smith by a mile plus more. Great receivers still produce at a certain level even if they don't have an elite Qb throwing them the ball. Just look at Brandon Marshall, Larry fritz, Megatron (when Stafford was injured) or Steve smith (panthers). The list goes on but you get the point.

    Another very average player was Kevin boss. he played so bad last year that the raiders decided to cut him, and if you get cut by the raiders i think that alone says something about what type of player you are. Ballard played better in his limited time with us. Boss is just another example of a player who was average that Eli made look good.

    Now it seems as though we are going through the manningham phrase. Manningham made some big plays for us in key situations. But so did Steve smith and kevin boss. When i think of manningham i think of someone who is not consistent in catching the ball and is often not on the same page as eli. Someone who haS some quickness to make people miss in the open field but was never a real deep threat. But thats based on my opinion.

    Hixon played a good game the other night and in my opinion he already shows signs of being better than maninham. I cant remember the last time mario went up and snatched a jump ball out of the air with 2 guys in his face. Not to mention hixon beat his guy on that play. Hixon is probably faster than maninham and he displayed his speed on pass punt returns. The only way i think hixon wont have a productive year is if he gets injured or the O line doesnt protect Eli at all.'' Here is my bold prediction. With the injury to hakeem nicks, dont be surprised if hixon ends up having a more productive year this season.

    The WR position is probably the least of our worries at the moment. My nick name for eli is "the possibility". With him on the field all things are possible. If you're an average receiver he will make you look good. If you are above average then you will look great. It sounds like a broken record but its true.
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