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Thread: In bit of a Bind for this weeks line up.. advice pleasee..

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    In bit of a Bind for this weeks line up.. advice pleasee..

    Basically i caught the injury bug this week by losing fred jacskson, and two WR nicked up. I really like to run three back sets.I have Ridley, Dwyer, and David Wilson next in line. Unfortinally I dont trust Wilson just yet for a Flex option so im forced to go Three WR set this week.. I have Julio Jones, Maclin, Garcon, Jefferys, and McCluster at WR.. Do i bench Garcon for Jefferys in tonights game? Or hold off and play McCluster if Garcons or Maclins status doesnt improve by Sunday? Thoughts? Suggestions? much appreciated..

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    If Garcon plays this weekend (my bet is he will) he is a must start. Maclin is a definite questionable. I bet he also plays.
    Ridley was awesome last week.
    You don't have 2 starter worthy RBs? How many teams are in your league?

    edit - also.....Dwyer is barely ownable with Mendenhall back at practice this week.
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