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    NFC East after week 2

    Dallas 1 -1 UPSET by Seattle in one of the NFL's noisest stadiums..Romo shortcircuits as usual and they lose
    Philadelphia 1- 1 Just can't handle The Ravens D. .and Flacco & Rice have a field day. Eagles lose
    Washington 2 -0 Redskins should be able to manhandle the Rams and Rams D has no answer for RG 3
    Giants 1-1 D-Line prsssure on Freeman, all day, Bennet has another big day, Nicks & Cruz step up, and Wilson makes up on ST

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    From your lips to god's ears.

    Except for the Redskins part ... GO LAMBS!

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    Did you see what the Rams did to the Lions?

    Don't write them off just yet...

    Hopefully Seattle can force Romo into multiple picks.. I wouldn't be surprised especially @ Qwest Field...Eagles don't stand a ****ing chance.
    I'm ALL IN are you?

    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

    #80 - Get well soon Vic
    #90 - Get well soon JPP

    ...This fickle fan base is clueless...

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    Redskins and Cowboys: 2-0

    Giants and Eagles: 1-1

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMENAGAIN View Post
    Redskins and Cowboys: 2-0

    Giants and Eagles: 1-1
    most likely scenario

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    Hopefully the eagles get raped and Vick throws 4 picks again so we can hear the cry outs for nick foles. Cowboys and redskins could also both lose.

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