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    What is the extent of Tyron Smith's injury?

    Had to shut the game off. Any update?

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    Re: What is the extent of Tyron Smith's injury?

    he walked off on his own power, and seemed to be out of it on the sideline. it didnt seem like he had to be rushed to get an xray or something,
    but theres no way any of us know whats going on. by monday im sure we'll have more info and it wouldnt surprise me if he was injured for the rest of the year, or if he missed next week

    smith is there best OL, and losing him will be devastating to the cowboys who just lost Murray and with Ware fighting a stinger
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    Re: What is the extent of Tyron Smith's injury?

    From roto

    "Cowboys RT Tyron Smith went down with an undisclosed injury in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game against the Buccaneers.
    Smith was able to walk off the field on his own power, but was evaluated by team doctors on the sideline and received medical attention to the neck and head area. Check back Monday for an update on his status."

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