while i understand that defense wins championships, i think the way we have seen eli play this year we should and need to, surround him with more talent and weapons in the next draft i will be happy honestly spending the first four round or five on offense wether that be Wide receiver, Running back, Tight end or O-Line. and then address defense in later rounds or FA. this is just my honest opinion

but honestly how beast would our offense look with added guys to the arsenal we already have like.

Alshon Jeffrey, Michael Floyd, or
Mohamed Sanu ( Not going to put up blackmon as it would be a pipe dream )

La michael James
David Wilson or richardson

Dwayne Allen, Jake stoneburner or Michael Egnew.

Im not a draft expert so i don't know where these guys are placed but and i don't know how to eval O-line men out of college that well so i'm not going to even try. but the premise is surround Eli with options, and home run options at that. the league is changing and don;t need to completely follow suit but bend to the tide a little would be nice