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    this game is getting out of hand

    NOT having fun right now

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    This team will be rebuilding at the end of the season.

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    hey, atleast we won last year right?

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    I think it's unexcusable that this offensive line was not addressed, and the corners, well everyone thought we were set so I won't bang on him for that, but c'mon man, light a fire under these guys already.

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    At least Brown is playing well now

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    This team glaring problem is our Corner Backs. We could use some pieces on the offensive line, but I think the CBs is the area we need to correct right away.

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    Eli is playing his worst football

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    The defense will need to score points for the Giants to pull this one out. We've spotted them 21 defensive points and you gotta figure the TB offense will score 7-14 points in the second half.

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