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    Metlife Stadium Boos

    I'm sorry. I've been with this team through thick and thin, but the G-Men deserved that. Maybe they will come out fired up in the second half like they did when they played Jacksonville in 2010.


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    Last time I remember being an obvious booing was last year against the eagles when they played at home.. They still came out flat in the second half and lost the game. Players just aren't executing with the exception of cruz and nicks, and i'll even give the o line some credit, they are doing better than last week.

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    According to some on these boards, they're not" true" Giant fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantslb66 View Post
    According to some on these boards, they're not" true" Giant fans
    I think for the ridiculous prices that fans pay for these PSLs and tickets, they have every right to boo. And those on these boards that say fans who boo are not true fans, are the fans that live in La La land and wear the blue goggles.
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