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Lot of blame to go 'round for this loss, but to sum it up, we played like girls today.

Credit to Seattle though. Their secondary is a bad matchup for our guys and their offensive line took over the game in the second half.

And I would not be so surprised that Seattle (or the NFCW for that matter) could cause trouble for us. We tend to struggle on the road vs the NFCW.

All in all, our best offensive players played like crap (minus Romo), and we were very soft today.

Not disappointed in the loss, but disappointed with how the guys played today.

Good to be humbled though. Hopefully that will keep this team hungry.

Minus Romo? He played like crap too. If his receivers were not dropping the pass, his throws were wobbly ducks for the most part. Not one person on the Cowboys played a good game, starting with Garrett and Ryan.