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    Thoughts on Today's game

    Eli had an ugly, ugly first half, but turned it around when he had to and ended up having a huge second half. Cruz and Nicks both had an awesome game, proving why they're one of if not the best receiving tandems in the league. The secondary got lit up a bit, hope they can get it together and get healthy. The Defensive ends didn't have much of a presence in this game except for JPP, who had a great game. Our offensive line looked much better, and I was pleasantly surprised by Brown's performance. A little ugly in spots, but a win's a win

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    If we cant get to the QB with 4, then we need to blitz a bit more. The line will come around eventually. We desperately need a good quality CB!!

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    Blitzing sounds like a bad idea when you are using your #6 CB. The game was very sloppy in the 1st half and the red zone offense needs some work. Brown was a pleasant surprise.

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    My thoughts..
    1st half:
    2nd half:
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    Outside of the 4th quarter I thought they played rather poorly. Similar to last season with lots of mistakes and missed chances. In a way the Giants were lucky that Tampa played into their hands by running the ball trying to run out the clock. The secondary and pass rush has been non existent if good teams want to throw they can all day no problem.The end of the game was very close to an absolute disgrace. thank god rolle came over to make that play because if he didnt the bucs probably tie the game

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    I must admit I was impressed with how the O-Line played today.
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    i em confuesed glad we won ,,, defense was 06 05 04

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    tampa bay does not really have that many pass rushers

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    Eli is a great qb and leader!

    Nicks and Cruz are just great talents who can go get the ball and score from anywhere!

    but the o-line and Andre Brown are responsible for a lot of the passing success today!

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    first half defense was pretty good, second half offense was good. they need to come together and play for all 4 quarters. this win was much harder than it should have been , but we will take it and hope to improve, but working with such a short week and traveling and being banged up we will see.

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