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Thread: Hosley

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    So the rookie got the start and I didn't hear his name once really. Normally when you're a CB, that's a good thing. I thought they picked more on Webster again. So...I ask all of you. Thoughts on Hosley's performance?

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    Didnt hear his name called once honestly.. the TD pass to Jackson was kind of garbage because he pushed off and Coe did pretty decent too..

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    I can't say Hosley had a great game but the less I hear his name when he's on the field the better I feel about him. Just need him to be on the field late in the game and not have "stuff in his eyes." Put a visor on that mask!

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    They went to Jackson most often, and that makes sense.

    The secondary did a decent job.....even the big plays had some decent coverage on thim.....it wasn't like people were running free all day.

    I'm a little more concerned abou the lack of pass rush than anything else on D right now.

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    Hosley can play....he looks like a steal as a third round draft pick. He would have been a first round pick but he failed a drug test at the combine.

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    CBs played good, people aare gonna make plays, just hard to defend short fields. Second half was much better because Eli stopped with the INTs and started with the TDs Whooo!

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    I honestly believe Hosley is going to be a guy you put on Desean Jackson type WRs.

    He will not be a guy you line up on a Vincent Jackson or a Mike Williams(although tryon should have never been on him either)

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    I think Hosley will show his value on Thursday matching up with Steve Smith. It will be a good chance for him to show what he can do with a quick receiver.

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    Let's just say that we wouldn't have him if he had prototypical size along with his abilities. I think the kid can be Brent Grimes special with what we've seen so far.

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    yeah i think going into the game the plan was to put Webster 1 v. 1 with little help and the Bucs smartly went after the 1 v. 1 instead of where we were rolling coverage

    we changed the plan and did better, but had a few tough breaks .... push offs, balls off helmets

    and Hosley was playing vs. slot WRs ... he was not put out on an island that i saw, but still the kid can play and he is going to be asked to do more and more
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