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    who is this dan graziano?

    I personally think the Giants complain too much, and I very often don't like the way they carry themselves as though they're doing everything right and other teams are somehow beneath their standards. I think they're very often haughty and arrogant, and when they're acting that way I am never shy about calling them on it.

    In this case, though, they're right and Greg Schiano is wrong. There are better ways of making a name for yourself as an NFL head coach than a fake-tough-guy act in your second game. He should be proud of the way his team has played its first two games for him. He should be ashamed of the way he coached Sunday's final seconds.


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    lol. Have you never read any of Pineapple's work before?

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    Another whine about bspn thread? Yawn

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharick88 View Post
    Another whine about bspn thread? Yawn
    very insightful

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigjr007 View Post
    very insightful
    It's about as insightful as your post.

    And to boot, Graziano is right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigjr007 View Post
    very insightful
    Well, you aren't saying anything new about those chumps over there. He is a ******. That's not news at all

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    i agree with this guy as well......well except i dont think the Giants complain too much.

    anyone thinking that is not a fan!

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    graziano writes the NFC East blog for ESPN. he is actually very reasonable and fan-friendly. thinks very highly of coughlin, eli, and the rest of the giants. a good guy to follow on twitter. i agree ESPN has their favorites but they do have some good writers like him and Ohm Youngmisuk.

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    I think he's unbiased, giving props when it's due and calling out people when needed. All 4 franchises from NFC East fans hate him so he must be doing a good job

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    I think he's a little bit of a Dallas Homey but he does a reasonable job.

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