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    Shutgun handoff to hynoski

    I have to say I was in a state of disbelieve when i saw this play. I mean of all the people to give a shotgun handoff to! I was screaming for dscott and or wilson and or brown. Too funny. If hynosky had not caught that minor injury I wonder how long the giants would have kept him in for.

    It was nice for the max protect situations but pretty dumb because everyone knows he is not a threat out of the back field.

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    That play had to be practiced during the week. Every defensive coordinator would assume Hynoski would pass protect or go out on the flat on that formation. It was only for a few yards but now defenses have to honor that formation.

    Giants fan since the early 80s

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    I'm for calling that to change things up. You can't stay vanilla and hope to win, last week proved that...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    i was happy for HH honestly, he always talks about getting carries. he's on his way to being a pretty solid fb imo

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    How about the 2-point conversion? I called that play. At least the last 3, 2-point conversion I remember have all been the same play.

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    Prob's to the Hynosorous! Glad he got his touches.

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