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    Should have signed Bennett

    To a multi-year deal.... I know he had a couple of bad plays....but hes a player man..... This is going to be one expensive offense

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    we'll extend him before the season ends if i had to guess...aint no way they wanna let a guy of his caliber get away he can complete this offense

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    I Aways said he was a Keeper ! Give him a chance and he will Deliver ! The Bucs were twice good as the Cowboys and we Beat them ! The G-men had an off day against the Cowboys.........We will take care of them, next time we meet !and they will be sorry to see Bennett .


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    Disagree. He's a talented guy, but he's got to be more consistent before Jerry Reese resigns him. Gotta catch the ball more consistently

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    he'll probably get extended if he keeps this up, no need to worry

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    He's looking good but he missed a couple of easy ones. Maybe I got accustomed to Ballards soft hands...

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    I like Bennett, but he was not a sure thing coming out of Dallas, I think Reese did the responsible thing. That said if he continues to get a TD a game he will be a superstar by the end of the season!

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    The question is are the Giants willing to accept the inconsistent hands for moments of brilliance. I hope his inconsistent hands don't cause us a game down the road, he dropped one sure td and the second would have been a great catch but still makeable. IMO no way I extend him now I would like to see more consistent play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PRGiant View Post
    He's looking good but he missed a couple of easy ones. Maybe I got accustomed to Ballards soft hands...
    True ,.............Yes he missed a easy one, but he caught the one that won the game for us........Cruz, as good as he is, missed 3 easy passes last week against the CowGirls......It happens.......I say give him a chance to prove himself, he's a new Giant. BTW * I Like Ballard, but I like Bennett just a little more.

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    so, we shoulda spent more money for him????? isnt the goal to spend the least amount of money

    i think we made a great deal, his own team couldnt recognize his talent
    Apologize to Melo 5

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