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    NFL Power Rankings Have us in 7th

    The latest NFL Power Rankings from ESPN have us in the 7th spot. We got off to a slow start yesterday but I think we're starting to wake up. Looking forward to next week!

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    oops, looks like that site is actually not updated yet, guess it updates in the morning.

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    power ranking's are garbage

    2014 season
    23 rushes for 255yards 3td
    39 pancake blocks
    50 tackles 3 sacks (3 td saving tackles including final tackle as time expired to clinch win, hit of the game 9/14 & 10/26 )
    9-0-1 record///// invited to play in tiny mite bowl and beat the team we tied in regular season
    youtube (youth football Iselin Giants and look for video that's 4 mins 19sec)

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    Monday night game hasn't been played yet it updates Tuesday morning
    ALL IN!!!

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    They certainly can be, interesting to read what the so called "Experts" think. I agree that they are rarely correct, but even funnier that they keep a recording of how inaccurate they typically are...

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    7 seems fair. We did lay an egg week 1

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    The past two Superbowls the Giants have won; I dont think we have ever been ranked top 15 at any point in the regular season. I hope those power rankers keep us low on the board.

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