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We aren't looking past the Giants, but after all the points your Defense has given up against two offenses that don't come close to matching Carolina's offensive firepower, that becomes a very big "if". I'm a lot more worried about the Falcons, quite honestly. Eli, Cruz, and PT are great - but the Giants are probably the least feared Superbowl Champs in years.
Lol my dude I don't know how to tell you this but you Los to the Bucs who are ok and you beat the saints who lost to the redskins who just lost to St. Louis. The Panthers are not in the same league as the Giants I hope you realize that... Because you talk about them like they are the second coming of the 07 patriots offense. Greg Olsen got ran out of town in Chicago and Steve smith is good but very old. Relax and worry about our weapons which are the best in the league