Anyone read the Manish Mehta column in the Daily news today? Someone on the Jets is paying this guy to not only write stories designed to make Tony Sparano sound like an offensive genius who drew up the play of the century (a simple rollout is innovative?)......but more importantly, to submarine and scapegoat Sanchez in the press...... for all the problems the Jets are having on Offense..... and to single him out as the main reason why they lost that game!
Why do I care about Sanchez if I'm a Giants fan you may ask?
Because I'm a decent person, and it offends my senses to see how Ryan, Tannenbaum and Sparano are trying to sandbag this kid, with no regard for how it could effect his head long term.
My Giants are sharing a stadium with a nest of vipers!
I'm a Giants fan, but I still feel bad for the kid and the no win situation he's in.