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giants lose this game due to a lost running game. i told you people in a different post that since you guys lost jacobs, there was no way bradshaw can handle full games this season. well, he tried but now is riding the injury train, along with half of your starters. and if yall think that butterfingers wilson is gonna prevail, well, think again. he better put some glue on his gloves. lil eli aint gonna be getting any lucky 500 yd game again. and if yall think you have a wide receiver savior in that tomato sauce guy, well, no i am afraid yall dont. with nicks out, double coverage on cruz means unflavored salsa. just plain ol puree tomato sauce. bland. no good

1-2 giants after thurs nite.

and before you people start dissing on muh boyz from Dallas, let me just say that even though the seahawk game was bad, i aint worried bout it. Cowboys come out with new attitude from their humility experience this week. the wk 2 defeat will actually prove beneficial in the long run for this season ....Cowboys 2-1 this week and back ahead of the frail giants
Good call genius.