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    Steve Smith needs to shut up

    You're losing 33 - 27. Stop talking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhpgiantsfan View Post
    You're losing 33 - 27. Stop talking.
    It's even worse...33-7

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    he's a punk, yes he has talent, but like you said he never shuts his yapper
    Apologize to Melo 5

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    Wow, didn't realize we were winning 33-27..... Haha.

    Steve Smith really is a loser though.

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    Haha my bad, I was thinking 33 to 7 when typing

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    Steve Smith is a traitor for ditching us for the Eagles, Cruz more than... oh wait, THAT Steve Smith. Yeah, I guess he's annoying too... whatever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Generation Eli View Post


    okay, were doomed! season over folks. it was nice knowing the giants while it lasted!

    see you in 2016

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    Getting your butt handed to you at home can piss people off.

    Giants fan since the early 80s

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    Great player, but a dirty SOB...and gets away with it time and time again. He's like Roger Clemens on steroids.

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