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    Regarding last night's announcers...

    Didn't it seem like that one guy, May**** or whatever his name was, wanted the Panthers to win pretty bad?

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    He is an ex-Giant

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    I actually like his inciteful analysis. He knows his X's and O's

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    mayock is actually a pretty big giants guy. he's a scout though so he gets excited about prototypical players (cam newton, jon beason, luke keuchly, etc) so that's probably what you took as bias

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    Nope - Mayock is a fantastic commentator IMO. My only knock on him is sometimes he goes into his "draft analysis" mode which is great for player evaluation but sometimes too much during an NFL game.

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    As said, Mayock tends to be one of the more inciteful announcers.

    Listening to a guy like Chris Collinsworth makes me want to punch a nun.

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    i really liked the announcers.

    talked about technique and plays alot more than these other talking heads do.

    really liked it. i'll tune into thursday games just to listen to that kinda thing.

    just like i watch monday night games without sound. same reason, just the other end of the spectrum.

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    Mayock is the best. I wish they could have him call more of their games. Papa is very good too.

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    Mayock isn't there to kiss Giants butt. As others have pointed out, his strength is his draft prospect evaluations and because of this, he usually has a pretty detailed profile on majority of the players in the league.

    Much better than Gruden who just gives everyone praise all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    Mayock is the best. I wish they could have him call more of their games. Papa is very good too.
    I have a total bromance going on with Papa ... easily my favorite announcer (including non-Giants stuff).

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