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    Giants now 7-0 when Nicks doesnt play....

    CUT HIMMMMM. Just kidding I just thought it was an interesting stat to show how our team really steps up when a player goes down.

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    It's really becoming a scary statistic considering how good he is.

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    ha, well if not for those preoccupied trying to CUT Bradshaw, we might actually have seen posts like that for real
    Apologize to Melo 5

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    But 4-0 in the Playoffs last season, with him, so I guess we should keep him! ;-).

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    Ahhh. We still have weapons. That with a little urgency cause your best guy isnt playing seems to work out in their favor. Dont think into this

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    Cut his ***! Hahaha.

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    It shows us that the Giants game is all mental at this point. We have the physical talent to beat every other team in the league, we just have to show up with some sense of urgency...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    If anyone, we should cut Bradshaw, but sure....


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    Quote Originally Posted by PRGiant View Post
    Cut his ***! Hahaha.
    Or you could just trade him? Lol

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