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    Bravo Mr. Gilbride

    Gilbride is attacked quite often on this site, sometimes deservedly so but lets give him his due. That was a flawless offensive game plan last night. It is amazing how good the Offensive Coordinator looks when the Offense executes. Lest hope the Giants offense keeps rolling and put a big number up on the Egirls.

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    Guy has to get out of town......his stache already has a head start on him......

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    it was combo of a good well executed game plan and crappy defense on the Panther's part. The Giants exploited their weakness...
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    I havent seen "killdrive" attacked here in a long time...


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    Things I liked:

    1. Inside slants.
    2. Running the same play, the deep in to Barden multiple times. If they can't/won't stop it, keep calling it.
    3. Gilbride loves to call the 60 yard bomb on third and three more than anyone except me playing Madden and last night there wasn't too much of that. The offense was very efficient and a pleasure to watch
    4. Run game obviously

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