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    Eating Crow For Last Night's Game

    I honestly thought this would be one of those letdown games for us. Coming off an emotional come from behind win, on a short week going on the road with a bunch of injuries. Everything was in place for the team to underperform.

    Can't under-emphasize what a win like this shows about a team because it's usually the great teams that can overcome all of those things and win those games.

    Enjoying my bowl of stewed crow.
    All Hail The New York Giants!!

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    Glad your eating happy crow today but im just a bit unsure when people are gonna realize that if 10 steps on the field we have a chance against anyone. Love ab and love hakeem even more but hell we beat the pats without them.

    at this point no player is even close to as important as 10 except maybe 90, but still 10 is the most valuable.

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    Did you forget Tynes? True, it was all about Eli and whoever else is on the field with him that gives the Giants their indisputable determination and
    spirit for winning against so many odds, but last night, Tynes showed why he is worth whatever he wants. Give him the money!

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