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    Who Gets The Start At RB Next Sunday vs Eagles: Ahmad Bradshaw or Andre Brown

    What Do You Think?
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    AB will get the start..I expect them to split carries the way it was with Jacobs....Mixed with a few snaps from Wilson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antwuan View Post
    What Do You Think?
    Do we know if Bradshaw is playing?....I haven't seen anything either way
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    ab will start which i dont agree with but brown will get more carries


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    Even if Bradshaw is healthy, Andre Brown hands down.

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    Andre Brown has such great patience and vision and just runs so much harder than Bradshaw. Brown made many plays with patience last night and wait for a hole in a situation, while Bradshaw wouldve just ran for 2 yards without much gains. I know Bradshaw will continue to start, but Brown should get more carries moving forward.

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    I would imagine an even distribution of carries to work Bradshaw slowly back in.

    I'll tell you what though, the NYG RB situation is now a legit fantasy nightmare...But that's great for our team in reality

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    you never bench a player who is hot and right now Brown is the hot RB for the Giants, the team will most likely talk to AB and convince him his neck isn't game ready yet and that will push this decision back another week...

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    personally i dont think it matters who starts between the two ABs. with Browns emergence he will undoubtly have as many carries as Bradshaw!

    this is gonna be a good problem to have between these guys! and dont forget Wilson. he'll be in the mix soon.

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    seasoned vets should understand this,A Brown is ballin and he should get the start,with his style of running he would only wear down the D and that in turn can only help Bradshaw in his runs,or lack there of.imho anyway.

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