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    TC mad about camera men


    People should get away from the sidelines, says the coach that got injured by a sideline mishap last season. TC it was a freak thing caused by a slow camera man.

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    I have no problem with people being on the sidelines, but they should be allowed to sit down while play is going on. The camera man was unable to get out of the way because he was sitting on the ground.

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    They don't belong on the sidelines and that guy was enormous. Even if he were standing he probably couldn't get out of the way. All cameras need to be at least 20 or 30 feet from the field. We need our players more than we need an occasional great shot.

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    Agree with Jomo but this is a much bigger problem in basketball

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    Are you trying to say a camera man and head coach being on the sideline are the same thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetZombieJesus View Post
    Agree with Jomo but this is a much bigger problem in basketball
    yes under the back board...collisions all the time
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    seems as though everything jumbles TC's panties these days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbluefan77 View Post
    seems as though everything jumbles TC's panties these days
    He has a lot to worry about and is rightly concerned about this issue. I have long thought the on-field press should be confined to the area behind the end zones. In many stadiums, including ours, the space along the sidelines is not very deep.
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    Even the announcer was bothered by the accident lol It's unfortunate, but I suppose freak accident do happen. I'm just glad it wasn't anything serious. Then again our backup safeties got a chance and Stevie Brown picked off Cam Newton in the end zone.

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    Dude made no attempt to move at all, if he moves the camera down this doesn't happen! Hopefully Rolle isn't to hurt and these days off give him time to heal.

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