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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    A ref can throw his hat to signal a foul if he's out of flags...
    i think the joke is that ogletree could have gotten hurt from slipping on the poorly thrown hat

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    The official is lucky the WR didn't get hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giants5699 View Post
    Freeman put on one of the worst QB performances I have ever seen.
    Agreed! They were down 16-7 with a few minutes left & ran 3 freakin times & punted! The Cowboys D played good, but he made them look even better with his ineptitude! Twice their D made Romo fumble & he couldn't get any pts off them.Only reason they even gave us a game last week was due to Eli's 3 picks giving them a pick 6 plus they had very short TD drives on the other 2 picks. Only score 10pts in the second half when Eli stopped being generous.

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