Not exactly a Giant discussion but....

I'm listening to CNN and they're talking about Cam Newton and RGIII. Cam is complaining about how players (his), at times are not doing what they are supposed to and it's causing him to lose mental focus. RGIII (the running QB) is having a Mike Vick moment saying that he's being hit too much and it's the refs fault. I don't even hear Mike Vick complaining yet.

All I could think is two things: Young QB's thrown to the wolves and this is the NFL - you're going to be tackled and rattled.

Just had to get that off of my chest because if the complaints ever are acted upon it will mean that these running QB's will be such a protected bunch that the game as we know it will have changed. Whatever happened to developing QB's and what makes RG3 think he's playing college ball. Some of these guys are as fast as he is.