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Just saw a replay in that game. Ouch! It's rough being the defender in that position.
Packers-Seahawks game- Defender decided to go for the INT on the hail mary pass, offensive player sticks his hand in there during the catch, ruled simultaneous catch which has to be awarded to the offense by rule, Touchdown for the offense.
On the other hand in the same day, Lions-Titans game- Defender decided to knock down the hail mary pass, offensive player catches it off the deflection for the touchdown.
It was just a rough weekend on defending the hail mary pass and it put into question which method is better in defending the hail mary pass because both methods failed.
You still gotta knock that away. Even if It didn't work in an earlier game. That's Green Bays fault on that one. They should've learned after Nicks caught one on them in the playoffs!