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Thread: You guys are looking at this.......

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    You guys are looking at this.......

    ...the wrong way.
    You can't just say..."give the refs union whatever it wants because this is a disgrace".
    The "disgrace" is that a union that represents several hundred refs, can bring a multi billion dollar sport, with tens (maybe hundreds) of millions of interested fans, to its knees.

    That has to change. The only way to avoid this happening all the time is to refuse to give in to the ridiculous demands of the refs union. What happens if they all ask for Fararris? They will just have to create a different system wher league officials have more power with on the field activities until these refs settle in better.

    A few hundred refs who aren't "the game" like the players are, can't have this kind of power. We are watching this nonsense on the field because that union believes it can extort these demands from the owners.

    Is it the NFL's fault that these refs have this power? ........ perhaps. But you can't be angry at them for trying to change that now.
    For the sake of the game, they CAN'T give in to the refs union like many fans this morning are suggesting.
    "Typical Morehead!"..................and he didn't even mean that as a compliment..

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    give in to the same Refs that we all were complaining about last year?? i say no way..

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    Agreed MH good post. People seem to forget the game in Green Bay last year where we had the "real" refs. Yeah we still won but that doesn't mean it should be glossed over.

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    I don't blame the NFL for not wanting to give in to the refs. What other business gives its part time employees non-contributory defined pension plans?

    That being said, something needs to be done. This crap is getting ridiculous.

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