Aside from the blatant OPI, I still don’t see how this is such an obvious interception according to the rule of the simultaneous catch. From what I see, they both touched the ball at virtually the exact same moment. Tate’s hand was behind Jennings’s, so if Jennings’s hand is 5 inches long, and the ball was travelling approximately 60 mph, it would have taken the ball about one half of a one hundredth of a second for the both players to be touching the ball. That being said, the ball does not stop moving forward until Tate is touching it, as you can see in the video. This video shows nice HD slowed motion pictures.

From this point we can attempt to determine who has “more of the ball” and whose body the ball is closer to as many people do, but none of these factors are requirements for controlling the ball. The only requirement for control is to have the ball in at least one hand without it wiggling, which both Tate and Jennings have from essentially the apex of their jumps all the way to the ground. Although Tate’s right hand is not always in contact with the ball, his left palm is. Doesn't a one-handed palm-catch away from the body count for just as much of a catch as 2-handed grasping clutch near the body?

Please correct me if I am wrong. I am simply trying to educate myself and others.