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    I believe Greg Schiano IS intentionally trying to cause injuries. Here's why:

    First off, I'm not arguing the kneel down rush. Both sides have made their arguments clear, and both sides are understood. He isn't doing anything illegal, it is just an unwritten rule he is breaking, period. We're done debating that.

    What I want to debate however, is what Schiano's true intentions are.

    I don't believe that Schiano really believes he has a chance to recover the ball when he does this right now when teams are in the V formation. I DO believe that he is trying to effect how teams play against him with the lead in the future though. Either by going into a shotgun QB kneel, or by running some sort of goal line HB dive. Both of which that have extremely higher rates of a fumble than a V formation but a much lower risk of injury for the offensive team.

    He has his guys literally diving at the knees of players when they are in the most vulnerable place in all of football. The sooner he injures someone, the sooner teams are going to reconsider putting their players in that spot against him, and he knows that.

    I made my mind up after the dallas game. Let's just consider a few things.

    -He waited 26 seconds to call his first time out. Either he is a completely incompetent clock manager and does not belong in the NFL or he has other intentions than just "putting his players in the best position to win, all 60 minutes". It just doesn't make sense. If you're only trying to get the ball back to put your team in a spot to win, why are you letting the clock run down to 14 seconds? Again, makes ZERO sense.
    -After his final timeout he is seen screaming at his players. "Coincidentally", 8 of the d-linemen are then lined up in the neutral zone. Literally touching helmets with dallas and immediately chopping the knees. Even if he recovers, the play is void.

    Just doesn't add up, and I'm not buying it. I honestly believe his intent is to injure someone so that teams will rethink the victory formation when playing him.

    Just take a look at the Dallas tape, his philosophy being his sole motive makes no sense when you look at the videos....!
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