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Thread: Top 5 most hated teams

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    woof arf bark woof
    Eagles- Oh God..
    Cowboys- Losers
    Jets- They think everything we do is lucky, meanwhile, their franchise has been unlucky. Shut up losers.
    Saints- I don't like their style of play
    Packers- "WE BEAT OURSELVES"

    I don't have the Redskins up there because they are irrelevant. Yes they swept us last year, but in reality, we own them. The entire division owns them. I don't even care about them.
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    Redskins? Who are they? I actually don't mind losing to the Skins. I don't go get upset about it like I do with the Eagles.

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    My hated
    1. Patriots - Boston Sucks and Tom Brady and Cheating ways
    2. Jets - Annoying, ignorant fans. Jealous like crazy. Terrible Sanchez and Ryan.
    3. Eagles - Fans, Vick all suck
    4. Cowboys - Overrated and goes no where (romo).
    5. Redskins - Over-hyped RG3 and a divison rival.
    6. Saints - Drew Greedy, saints fans all think they deserve everything because of katrina, bountygate, team destroyed us last year and the saints team all laughed about it. Hope we get revenge this year.
    7. Panthers - Because of the over-hyped cam newton. But Im glad we thrashed then and their fans who think cam is better then everything.
    Besides that I dont have a huge hatred for any other team but the Niners are creeping up my list. Their seems to be too much bandwagoners in my area liking them and it annoys me.

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