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    l love Tom Coughlin

    Seriously. Just watched A Football Life and I can say I honestly don't ever want another coach. I know its inevitable and I'm sure at some point there will be another coach I really love or admire or who holds a special place in my heart, but I just love Tommy C. and I'm proud he's our coach and will always remember what he brought to this franchise. He is a great man, a great coach, and a real treasure that we are lucky to have. I hope he has many more years in him. I will try and savor every year he's here. The way I feel now I could go on for days like this so ill end it with a cheers to our great coach, Tom Coughlin. Cheers, buddy. And thank you.

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    Cheers to Coach Coughlin and Thank You.

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    Man crush......

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    You know, as I'm now mindful that Eli will not be around forever so enjoy it now, it should be even more obvious Coughlin will not be around forever as well.

    With Parcells, well, jeez, look at that coaching tree -- not just Belichick and Coughlin who alone are impressive, you've got all those other "Parcells guys" -- Romeo, Weis, Payton, et al.

    Who are going to be the "Coughlin guys"? Coughlin MUST have nurtured someone who thinks the way he does who can step up in the future. Unfortunately that seems to be one area where TC does not measure up to Parcells. We certainly can't look at the Defensive Coordinator position -- while BP had Belichick as his right hand man in three separate jobs, TC has gone through a new DC every few years, and we haven't exactly seen great things out of Tim Lewis, Spags, or Sheridan, have we.
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    Soooooo .... 2 more weeks before TC is back on the host seat?

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    I feel that when TC retires. Gruden takes his place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueReign View Post
    I feel that when TC retires. Gruden takes his place.
    This makes me die inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueReign View Post
    I feel that when TC retires. Gruden takes his place.
    please god no I CANT STAND GRUDEN


    2015 season tbd

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    I watched it last night as well. Loved it.

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    It was a great story. I honestly had no idea that one of his son's was in Tower 1 on 9-11
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