I feel that this is the only way to make me feel better. I, myself have been going to Giants games since I was 8-years old, splitting the games with two of my uncles. When my dad realized how much of a love I had for the sport and for the Giants I starting attending every single home game. I haven't missed a home game in 10 years and unfortunately I now know that my streak will most likely come to an end. I got the dreaded phone call from the person who my father and I get our season tickets from and of course it concerned the PSL's. Luckily our seats were going for $4,000 a piece but unfortunately these tough economic times have hit my family hard. These sundays that we all share together as part of the NFL family are very special to me because it is when I spend the majority of my time with my father. Does the NFL care? No. Does the Giants organization care? No. It all comes down to the almighty dollar and fancy "ammenities" that the Giants think the fans are looking forward to. Do I need a state of the art tailgating area? No. Cushioned seats? No. Waiter service? No. I've been going to Giants games for one reason and one reason only. To watch the New York Football Giants play the greatest game in the world. But now, I will be stuck at home watching the game instead of being apart of the greatest team and greatest game.